The Torrington/Lingle FFA program is a beacon of agricultural education excellence in the region. With a robust Ag Ed enrollment of 251 students and two dedicated teachers serving the students from Torrington and Lingle Schools, the program has become a powerhouse in Wyoming’s FFA landscape over the last 21 years.

Torrington/Lingle FFA is a vibrant community with students ranging from grades 7 to 12, drawing from Torrington High School (THS), Torrington Middle School (TMS), Lingle-Fort Laramie High School (LFL), and Lingle-Fort Laramie Middle School (LFLMS). The program even extends its reach to collegiate members, nurturing a lifelong love for agriculture.

The heart of any FFA chapter is its members and Torrington/Lingle FFA proudly boasts a membership of 70 active and enthusiastic individuals. The commitment and dedication of these young agricultural enthusiasts have borne fruits over the years, with an impressive list of achievements, including 11 National FFA Gold Emblem Career Development Event (CDE) teams. Among these, they clinched a prestigious National Championship and achieved the status of three National Finalists.

While the school district supports state culminating events for FFA members, most of the program’s activities, including membership dues, jackets, and even the esteemed National FFA Convention, are funded through chapter fundraising efforts and the incredible dedication of its members. The financial burden for plane tickets, meals, hotels, and rental vehicles falls on the shoulders of the chapter and the students.

“Our Torrington/Lingle FFA program is a shining example of agricultural education excellence, made possible by our students’ dedication and our community’s unwavering support. We’re not just nurturing agricultural enthusiasts; we’re fostering a legacy that will continue to thrive for years in our community.” – Jason Groene, FFA Coach.

The chapter’s success is also a testament to the support it receives from the community. A notable contribution came from Fay Ranches’ Agent Kelsea Vaughan’s clients, who earmarked monies to benefit the local community upon selling their ranch. Their commitment to giving back demonstrates the enduring impact of the FFA program in Torrington and Lingle. These funds will contribute to the ongoing growth and success of the Torrington/Lingle FFA, ensuring that the legacy of agricultural education continues for future generations. This donation was given to and facilitated by the Fay Rural Community Foundation.

“The dedication and commitment of the students and the outstanding achievements of this program are a testament to the power of community and education. We believe in the lasting influence of programs like this, and we are dedicated to ensuring that agricultural education flourishes for decades in Torrington and Lingle, as well as in small rural communities across the nation.” – Susan Ferrin, Executive Director, Fay Rural Community Foundation.

The Fay Rural Community Foundation was founded with a distinct purpose: to address the resource and opportunity deficits commonly witnessed in small rural communities across the nation. Our commitment remains unwavering as we aim to improve rural America’s healthcare, education, and youth resources. By directing our endeavors towards these pivotal areas, our objective is to make a profound difference in these communities’ overall welfare, quality of life, and economic vibrancy. Our passion and mission are centered on providing resources and opportunities that elevate the prospects and spirit of rural America.

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