The Fay Ranches Community Foundation (FRCF) was founded to combat the lack of resources and opportunities in small towns. We are dedicated to helping rural America by sourcing opportunities focused on health, education, and youth. These focus areas are crucial to the economic prosperity of towns and the well-being of the residents who live there. Providing sustainable resources to rural America has a significant impact on the communities and a domino effect on the rest of the country.

Fay Ranches, Inc., its brokers, and staff care about the communities in which we do business. We live, work, and play in rural communities and can have a positive impact through sourcing opportunities and resources for rural America. FRCF serves as a conduit for the friends, clients, and partners of Fay Ranches to benefit those communities focusing on health, education, and youth initiatives.



Historically, rural communities have faced a variety of barriers to quality healthcare. The Fay Ranches Community Foundation provides technology, education, and avenues to overcome these barriers. These resources will increase the overall health and well-being of the residents of rural America.


Rural America has talented and dedicated educators, but face barriers to resources. The Fay Ranches Community Foundation brings opportunities, resources, and technology to support education in rural communities thus increasing their economic prosperity.


Today’s youth are the future of rural America. However, they are leaving rural communities due to a lack of resources and opportunity. The Fay Ranches Community Foundation will provide educational and financial assistance to the youth in rural America. They may then return to the rural communities they are from bringing back their knowledge and education to benefit the economy.