In December 2023, Kaycee, Wyoming FFA embarked on an exciting project, with facilitation by Fay Rural Community Foundation, to purchase plants for their newly constructed greenhouse. The program has flourished, bringing vibrant life and color to various community spaces and events.

The beautiful plants grown in the greenhouse have been used to decorate the school grounds with flowers representing the school colors, creating a stunning visual display that has uplifted the spirits of students and staff alike. In addition to beautifying the school, the FFA students extended their green thumbs to the Harold Jarrard Park’s community building, enhancing the park with lovely planters.

The greenhouse project didn’t stop at beautification efforts. The enterprising FFA members also sold some plants, raising funds to support future agricultural projects and learning opportunities. The versatility of their efforts was further demonstrated during some of the school’s banquets, where the homegrown plants served as elegant decorations, adding a touch of natural beauty.

Moreover, the students grew tomato plants specifically for Staff Appreciation Week. This thoughtful gesture provided fresh, homegrown tomatoes to the hardworking staff, showcasing the students’ dedication to giving back to their school community.

Neil Bangs, Fay Ranches’ Wyoming Principal Broker, said, “We cannot thank Cheryl Summer from Fay enough for her dedication in bringing this project to our attention. Her commitment to supporting her community and fostering agricultural education truly makes a difference.”

The success of the Kaycee FFA greenhouse project highlights the importance of agricultural education and community involvement. It has beautified spaces and events and fostered a sense of pride and accomplishment among the students. We eagerly anticipate seeing how this project will continue to grow and inspire in the coming years.

The Fay Rural Community Foundation was founded with a distinct purpose: to address the resource and opportunity deficits commonly witnessed in small rural communities nationwide. Our commitment remains unwavering as we aim to improve rural America’s healthcare, education, and youth resources. By directing our endeavors towards these pivotal areas, we strive to make a profound difference in these communities’ overall welfare, quality of life, and economic vibrancy. Our passion and mission are centered on providing resources and opportunities that elevate the prospects and spirit of rural America.

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