Sheridan, Montana, Sheridan K-12 School

Sheridan, Montana, nestled in the heart of captivating Madison County, is not just a place but a community that believes in the transformative power of education. At its core lies Sheridan School, dedicated to shaping the minds and futures of its K-12. Their mission? To provide the highest quality education, instilling a lifelong love for learning through comprehensive academic, athletic, cultural, and extra-curricular opportunities

We are reaching out to rally behind pressing funding needs to will propel the students to new heights. Together, we can make a lasting impact and empower these students.

  • First on the list is the Dual Enrollment Opportunities program, offered in collaboration with Montana Tech University. This incredible initiative allows high school students to earn both high school and college credits simultaneously, propelling them toward success from an early age. With your support, we aim to enroll ten ambitious students in this life-changing program, giving them an unparalleled head start on their educational journey.
  • In their commitment to fostering hands-on learning experiences, the school seeks to acquire a vital tool for their School Farm Program: a squeeze chute. By sharing the cost, with one-third covered by the Sheridan School and the other third by the FFA Alumni, we can make this a reality and enrich the lives of countless students.
  • The Family Consumer Science room is ready for a transformation. By acquiring a high-temperature dishwasher, they can turn it into an industry preparation area, mirroring real-world culinary environments. This upgrade will equip students with the practical skills and knowledge they need to excel in the culinary and hospitality sectors.
  • But it doesn’t stop there. The Pit Car Project engages 4th to 8th-grade students in the thrilling world of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). Each student constructs a CO2-powered dragster, igniting their passion for innovation and problem-solving. Your support will enable us to inspire and empower our future scientists and engineers.
  • Last but certainly not least, we invite you to join us in providing high school students with an unforgettable experience through Career College Day. This annual event allows the 9th to 12th-grade cohort to explore institutions such as Western and the National Guard in Dillon, Carroll College and Helena College in Helena, or Montana State and Gallatin College in Bozeman. Your contribution will cover the travel costs of two buses, ensuring that the students can embark on this journey of discovery.

Twin Bridges, Montana Library

Twin Bridges is an enchanting town nestled in the southwestern region of Montana, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and the serene allure of the Big Hole River. The town derives its name from the historic twin bridges that span the river, evoking a sense of nostalgia and pride in its rich heritage.
In line with our commitment to community empowerment, we aspire to introduce a transformative addition to Twin Bridges—a visionary space known as the Quiet Room. This carefully crafted enclave within the historic library will serve as a sanctuary, offering individuals a confidential haven for crucial exchanges with respected professionals. It will serve as a vital bridge to invaluable resources in areas such as counseling, healthcare, legal expertise, and more.

In the fabric of small rural communities, discretion often becomes an elusive luxury, hindering the pursuit of life-altering conversations. However, within the sanctuary, we envision, the cloak of anonymity becomes attainable. With a mere mention of being at the library, inquiries are effortlessly deflected, preventing intrusive curiosity from unsettling the lives of those seeking solace, privacy, and the utmost dignity.

Hunters, Washington, Columbia School District

This rural and remote school district, which serves approximately 140 students in grades PK-12, is located in NE WA state, near the banks of the Columbia River. They operate on a very tight budget. Raising levy rates in the community is not feasible, which means they rely heavily on external support to keep their school running. Currently, a great deal of their operating budget is used to keep an extremely old diesel furnace operating, and they have recently installed a school-wide water filtration system to remove arsenic. The school’s dedicated teachers have identified some critical needs that require urgent attention. They need support in the following areas:  

  • Art Supplies for the elementary school: Teachers seek vital, basic supplies such as glue, construction paper, markers, tape, paint, hot glue sticks, laminating sheets, and more. These supplies are crucial for the student’s creative expression and are critical for their educational growth.
  • Restarting their Music Program fall of 2023: The school’s music program was forced to shut down due to budget constraints, but they are determined to bring it back to life. They require instrument maintenance/tune-up, the purchase of music, and the acquisition of additional instruments to ensure their students can explore their musical talents fully.
  • Science equipment and supplies: The science department is in dire need of essential equipment and supplies to facilitate engaging, hands-on learning opportunities for our students. These tools are necessary for their students to have the chance to learn and explore the natural world fully.

Please help keep this school running and support the students’ educational development. Your contribution can significantly impact the lives of the students, teachers, and community.

Ruby Valley Search and Rescue, Montana

The brave volunteers at the Ruby Valley Search and Rescue (RVSAR) serve the Madison Valley and surrounding areas. They conduct searches for and provision of aid to people who are in distress or imminent danger. Small search and rescue operations such as this one are vital to rural communities. The Ruby Valley Search and Rescue members are always training and learning to sharpen their skills when encountering emergencies. This unit is in need of gear and equipment to successfully and safely perform its duties. Below is a short list of their needs totaling $15,000. Help up provide the members of the Ruby Valley Search and Rescue team with the proper equipment they need to serve their community.

  • Coldwater entry and protective dry suits, life vests, and helmets. 
  • Jet boat equipment: depth finder, side view sonar, marine search and rescue VHF radio, and lighting.
  • Communication tracking kits.

To donate towards this list of gear and equipment for the Ruby Valley Search and Rescue, click the button below.

Mental and Behavioral Health Resources for America's Youth

The need for mental health counseling services for students and families has grown significantly in the last few years. Many families can’t afford care but would use a service if provided through the school system. The ability for rural schools to attract mental healthcare professionals to the area and compensate them appropriately is extremely difficult. Ongoing funding to alleviate some of the cost burdens will aid in attracting and retaining additional school counseling staff or even better, a licensed clinical professional counselor.  The Fay Ranches Community Foundation is committed to raising awareness AND funds to provide small towns and their residents with the proper resources and opportunities. Donate today! 

Student and Teacher Supplies Vital for Learning

Teachers for decades have had to use their own resources to bridge the gap between what is needed for their students versus provided by the school. We aim to bridge this gap. Whether the need is art supplies, science equipment, or providing clothing for children in need we wish to create an environment that is more conducive to learning in the classroom. We have received requests for school supplies from rural school districts in Montana and are looking to support other school districts across the country. Support students and teachers by clicking the button below.