Ennis, Montana School District After School Programs

After-school programs provide an opportunity for homework support, enrichment opportunities, and a safe place for children to go after school while parents conclude their workday. Monetary support assists in providing snacks, supplies, equipment, and staffing. The Ennis Montana School district is looking for assistance in providing a safe place for students after school hours. This program provides education, socialization, and fun for the kids while also providing peace of mind for their parents. Click the button below to support these programs.  

Ruby Valley Search and Rescue, Montana

The brave volunteers at the Ruby Valley Search and Rescue (RVSAR) serve the Madison Valley and surrounding areas. They conduct searches for and provision of aid to people who are in distress or imminent danger. Small search and rescue operations such as this one are vital to rural communities. The Ruby Valley Search and Rescue members are always training and learning to sharpen their skills when encountering emergencies. This unit is in need of gear and equipment to successfully and safely perform its duties. Below is a short list of their needs totaling $15,000. Help up provide the members of the Ruby Valley Search and Rescue team with the proper equipment they need to serve their community.

  1. Coldwater entry and protective dry suits, life vest, and helmets. 
  2. Jet boat equipment: depth finder, side view sonar, marine search and rescue VHF radio, and lighting.
  3. Communication tracking kits.

To donate towards this list of gear and equipment for the Ruby Valley Search and Rescue, click the button below.

Mental and Behavioral Health Resources for America's Youth

The need for mental health counseling services for students and families has grown significantly in the last few years. Many families can’t afford care but would use a service if provided through the school system. The ability for rural schools to attract mental healthcare professionals to the area and compensate them appropriately is extremely difficult. Ongoing funding to alleviate some of the cost burdens will aid in attracting and retaining additional school counseling staff or even better, a licensed clinical professional counselor.  The Fay Ranches Community Foundation is committed to raising awareness AND funds to provide small towns and their residents with the proper resources and opportunities. Donate today! 

Student and Teacher Supplies Vital for Learning

Teachers for decades have had to use their own resources to bridge the gap between what is needed for their students versus provided by the school. We aim to bridge this gap. Whether the need is art supplies, science equipment, or providing clothing for children in need we wish to create an environment that is more conducive to learning in the classroom. We have received requests for school supplies from rural school districts in Montana and are looking to support other school districts across the country. Support students and teachers by clicking the button below.

Powell Middle School Fly Fishing Team - Wyoming

Coach Hitz with Powell Middle School takes time after school to teach kids the skill of fly fishing. He started the fly fishing team in 2021 with an overall vision to teach and mentor youth into the sport of fly fishing. Teaching all aspects of angling, including ethics, conservation, species of fish, water systems, and respect, Coach Hitz hopes to give the students the skills to become life-long anglers. They are working to build a well-rounded and meaningful program for the students. A big part of the program is the mentoring opportunities that naturally occur within the program. The older students team up with a younger student to help with skills like tying flies, building rods, and casting, then they go fishing!