Nestled in the heart of Kaycee, Wyoming, the Kaycee FFA Chapter is a testament to the power of agricultural education and community service. With a thriving community of 31 members under the steadfast guidance of their advisor, Mrs. McGivney, the Chapter has embarked on a journey beyond the confines of a traditional classroom.

One of the Chapter’s recent milestones is the inauguration of a new greenhouse, symbolizing an allegiance to hands-on agricultural education. This dynamic learning space is a hub for cultivating various plants, providing members with invaluable insights into horticulture and sustainable practices. The greenhouse represents a commitment to education and serves as a tangible symbol of growth and progress.

The Kaycee FFA Chapter’s success is not a recent phenomenon. With a rich history of achievements, the Chapter has consistently demonstrated excellence. The four-time recognition as the top FFA Chapter in the state (in 2010, 2014, 2019, and 2022) reflects their legacy of leadership and pledge to make a positive impact in Wyoming.

The Chapter’s barn on the school campus, housing their chapter flock of sheep, serves as a cornerstone for the practical aspects of agronomic instruction and students’ management of fair projects. This facility underscores the Chapter’s dedication to a comprehensive learning experience, seamlessly blending theoretical and practical elements of agricultural education.

In the words of Mrs. Rose McGivney, the FFA advisor, “Our Chapter believes in the transformative power of education and service. Through our community service programs, we aim to create a lasting impact, not just within our school walls but throughout Kaycee and beyond.”

Through the generosity of Fay Ranches’ agent Neil Bangs and the Fay Rural Community Foundation, a donation to the FFA will be utilized to purchase plugs/plants for the greenhouse, enabling the Chapter to start and grow various plants. Once matured, these plants will be transformed into hanging baskets, adding a touch of greenery and vibrancy to the city’s main street as a symbol of the Chapter’s commitment to beautifying and giving back to the local community.

In support of this initiative, Susan Ferrin, the Executive Director of the Fay Rural Community Foundation, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “The Kaycee FFA Chapter’s dedication to interactive learning and community enrichment aligns with our Foundation’s mission to foster educational enhancing enterprises. We are proud to contribute to the growth of their greenhouse, empowering the next generation of agricultural leaders.”

The Fay Rural Community Foundation was founded with a distinct purpose: to address the resource and opportunity deficits commonly witnessed in small rural communities nationwide. Our commitment remains unwavering as we aim to improve rural America’s healthcare, education, and youth resources. By directing our endeavors towards these pivotal areas, our objective is to make a profound difference in these communities’ overall welfare, quality of life, and economic vibrancy. Our passion and mission are centered on providing resources and opportunities that elevate the prospects and spirit of rural America.

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