Manhattan, Montana, nestled in the picturesque Gallatin Valley, is a charming and close-knit community with a population that embraces its small-town charm. Surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Montana landscape, Manhattan offers a serene and friendly atmosphere, making it an ideal place to call home for those seeking a peaceful, rural lifestyle while still being within reach of the vibrant culture of larger cities like Bozeman.

In a world where technology is rapidly evolving, educational institutions must adapt to ensure students receive the best possible learning experiences. The Manhattan School in Manhattan, Montana is no exception to this rule, and they have recently unveiled an ambitious plan to enhance the education of their youngest students: kindergartners and first-graders. After in-depth discussions and careful consideration, the school identified a critical requirement—a 30 Chromebook cart with touchscreen capabilities.
  With the generous support of the Fay Rural Community Foundation and several exceptional donors this requirement is being filled.

These touchscreen Chromebooks are set to be a game-changer, distinguishing themselves from regular models by offering an intuitive and interactive learning experience. The decision to introduce this cutting-edge technology was driven by a keen awareness that young students often face challenges with keyboarding skills.

By providing touchscreen Chromebooks, the Manhattan School aims to bridge this gap and significantly improve the learning experience for their youngest scholars.

“With the invaluable support of the Fay Rural Community Foundation and dedicated donors, we are igniting a transformative educational journey for our young learners. These touchscreen Chromebooks are the embodiment of opportunity and progress, helping us nurture a generation of agile, tech-savvy minds ready to conquer the challenges of a dynamic future.” – Brian Ayer, Superintendent of Manhattan School

The introduction of these touchscreen devices promises to bring about a wave of positive change within the school. Beyond addressing keyboarding challenges, they are expected to elevate student engagement, foster interactive learning, and familiarize students with technology from an early age. With the world becoming increasingly digital, the ability to navigate and leverage technology effectively is a crucial skill that will benefit these students throughout their academic journeys and beyond.

In recent years, the Manhattan School has actively embraced several educational products from Renaissance, a leading provider of educational software and assessments. Their successful integration of tools like STAR assessments for Math and English/Reading, along with Freckle, a powerful support tool for academic growth, has been notable. However, recognizing the unique challenges faced by younger students, the school has identified a need for touchscreens to optimize the utilization of these platforms.

The touchscreen Chromebooks will not only assist students in
navigating these educational resources more effortlessly but will also
contribute to building their confidence and proficiency in utilizing technology
effectively. This integration of technology into their learning experiences
aligns with the school’s commitment to providing a well-rounded education that
equips students with skills for the future.

“As we look ahead to a future where technology plays an ever-increasing
role, initiatives like these empower young minds to thrive in an evolving
world. The Manhattan School’s commitment to their students’ growth and
development demonstrates their pledge to provide an outstanding education that
prepares these young scholars for the challenges and opportunities of
tomorrow.”– Susan Ferrin, Executive Director, Fay Rural Community Foundation


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