Last weekend two of Fay Ranches’ very own ran in the Casper Half Marathon in Casper, Wyoming, to spread the word about the Fay Ranches Community Foundation (FRCF). Their purpose? To champion the cause of the Fay Ranches Community Foundation (FRCF) and ignite a transformative spark within the heart of rural America.

The Casper Half Marathon, an event steeped in tradition and celebration, offered a quartet of exhilarating challenges: Marathon, Half Marathon, Marathon Relay, and a 10k. This year’s race marked a momentous occasion, commemorating the Marathon’s 20th anniversary, and resonated with the shared passion of the FRCF and the Marathon itself—a dedication to fostering health, well-being, and vibrant community engagement.


Fay Ranches HQ Operations Manager, Ryan Gardent and WY Fay Agent, JW Robinson

In an impressive display of commitment, JW Robinson, Wyoming Broker of Fay Ranches, joined forces with Ryan Gardent, a Bozeman, Montana office staff member. Together, they embarked on the Casper Half Marathon, fondly known as the “Run for the Herd,” as a personal test of their limits. For JW, it was an opportunity to honor a promise made to himself, buoyed by the accountability of others. Donning the emblem of the Fay Ranches Community Foundation on his shirt infused his journey with more profound meaning and purpose.

“The Foundation rests upon three pillars—Healthcare, Education, and Youth Initiatives—which serve as lifelines for rural America,” shared JW Robinson, whose roots in rural Nebraska and Wyoming have granted him firsthand insight into the challenges faced by these communities. “Wearing my FRCF ‘Scan Me’ shirt filled me with immense pride, representing a cause close to my heart. Completing the race demonstrated the importance of proactive healthcare and educated those within my sphere of influence, setting a powerful example for the youth in my community.”

The Fay Ranches Community Foundation was founded to combat the lack of resources and opportunities indicative of small towns nationwide. We are dedicated and focused on helping rural America improve the quality of its healthcare, education, and youth resources. Concentrating on these areas can significantly impact residents’ overall well-being and quality of life and the community’s economic vitality. Providing resources and opportunities for these communities is our passion and mission. We invite everyone to join us in looking toward the future of rural America. Let’s celebrate rural communities’ resilience, heritage, and vitality together.

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