Meet Jim Vidamour


Jim lives and headquarters out of La Veta, Colorado, a small rural ranching town in Southern Colorado but also spends a lot of time in the Enchanted Circle part of Northern New Mexico. In Colorado and northern New Mexico, it’s all about elk hunting, fly fishing, camping, skiing, hiking, and mountain and road biking.  Live music and country swing dancing round out most weeks when Jim isn’t on the road.

Jim’s family settled in rural Boulder County, Colorado, in the late 1960s, where he attended high school and the University of Colorado Boulder. Family weekends were reserved for hunting, fishing, camping, and trying to get lost on the backroads of Colorado and New Mexico. He has spent a lot of years missing easy shots, tangling fishing lines, and getting bucked off horses he shouldn’t have been on.

Jim permanently moved back to Colorado from Florida in the early 2000s after a 28-year career that included Director of Tennis, Marina & Fitness at ITT Corp, and Director of Tennis for the city of Daytona Beach. ITT Development Corp was at the time the largest land developer in Florida. While in Florida, Jim spent many days in a single outboard engine boat thirty to fifty miles offshore trolling for striking fish or bottom fishing for grouper and snapper. Jim still gets to do skinny water sight fishing in Florida for redfish with his son Wyatt. During his time in Florida, Jim was a US Coast Guard licensed boat captain, and a USPTA certified tennis professional for 33 years. Jim also sits on the board of the Fay Ranches Community Foundation. Jim supports the Foundation’s effort because he believes that the foundation links buyers to rural communities with the locals in a positive way. Living in a small rural town, he sees how difficult it can be for younger residents to get educational opportunities compared to urban areas. The foundation is a way that Jim and his clients can help.