Meet Greg Fay

Greg Fay President of Fay Ranches Foundation Organization


Greg Fay is a pioneer in the land brokerage industry. When Greg founded Fay Ranches in 1992, he was the first to assign value to the recreational amenities of large agricultural ranches. He began marketing ranches on a national and international basis to a new audience, anticipating that there would be buyers who shared his recognition of placing value on the quality of the trout fishing or hunting on a given ranch—a paradigm shift in the market. Before Greg’s new approach, the value of ranch land in Montana was based primarily on its agricultural production.

Since 1992, Greg has transacted hundreds of millions of dollars of working farms, ranches, and sporting properties. He has successfully executed some of the most significant land sales and acquisitions in the Rocky Mountains. With the support of his family and the help of many wonderful people along the way, Fay Ranches has become the leading land brokerage in the United States, representing some of the finest land assets from Coast to Coast.

The Realtors Land Institute recently recognized Greg as National Broker of the Year in Recreational/Working Ranch sales in 2021. Greg had the largest sales volume in this category in the country.